Hokie Hope for Sandy Hook

In the spirit of Ut Prosim — That I May Serve — We call upon the Hokie community to once again come together to show our support in solidarity.

Please share your messages of hope for all the families and friends of the Newtown community that have been affected by these horrible circumstances by using the submit button at the top left of this page.

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The Hokie Nation stands with you during this tragic time. May you find peace in God and the outpour of love and support across the world. Our hearts are with you, and we will never forget the sweet, innocent lives that were lost. 

Please know that so many people (Hokie community and otherwise) are thinking of you and are available to help in any way they can.  Our hearts brake for you because we know what you are going through, but we hope these messages will offer some condolences.  

"Somewhere over the rainbowWay up highAnd the dreams that you dreamed ofOnce in a lullaby
Oh somewhere over the rainbowBluebirds flyAnd the dreams that you dreamed ofDreams really do come true
Someday I’ll wish upon a starWake up where the clouds are far behind meWhere trouble melts like lemon dropsHigh above the chimney topsThat’s where you’ll find me”

We are so sorry you have to go though what we went through at Virginia Tech in 2007.  We lost friends, colleagues and students, but we never stopped believing in the fundamental goodness of our community.  It was the community and particularly our students that showed us what strength and love is.  You will together be strong at the broken places.  

You will prevail.  Jack

Dear Sandy Hook Community,

Few can truly say they know how you feel. Unfortunately, we do.  We know the pain you are suffering all too well.  As others move on we know you will be struggling for a while and we will share your pain.  We will always be here for you.  We can promise that time does heal.  You will prevail.  This will not define you. 

All of us from the Hokie Nation are sending our love and our healing thoughts.  We will hold you close in our hearts.  The memories of those lost will never fade. 

As you deal with this today and forever, please know that you can always find a Hokie to lean on.  We will be here forever to help you.  We will never forget.


The Hokie Nation

Words were too much to handle or attempt at yesterday. Some feelings can be expressed better with hugs, from loved ones and strangers alike.  I loved a little bit harder yesterday, and I’ve been sending healing thoughts and energy to Newtown.  Love travels faster than all else, and you’re all receiving it in massive quantities. We can’t all empathize with your grief, but we can all give you an extra hug and extra encouragement if and when it’s needed. 

We’re all dolphins today. 

This is unspeakable.

In Blacksburg, we hurt with you.

You will prevail.

You will prevail.

You will prevail.

With all our love and support,

The Hokie Nation

Dear Sandy Hook Community,

I can’t imagine the intense pain your community is feeling, May our beloved 32 Hokie Angels envelope you in your grief. We as a community want to share your grief. Sometimes there are no ‘reasons’ why, no way to make sense of this tragedy, it just is and although I believe with all of my heart and my conviction God did not cause this, but He will take this terrible tragedy and if we let Him, He will bring you through it. Our thoughts and prayers are with your entire community. Please remember to allow yourselves time to grieve, for you have all lost in this tragedy.

Sincerely Yours

Barbara Brady from Blacksburg, Virginia 

"Be strong when you are weak,
Brave when you are scared,
and humble when you are victorious”

I cannot begin to imagine how upsetting and horrifying this event is for the people of Newtown, the parents of the children and adult victims, the fellow teachers, and the fellow students. I can only pray that they draw on and lean on the strength of each other and know that the nation and world is praying for them and for their community. It will take time, many years perhaps, but they will grow and be strong, like the Hokie community did. They will be victorious just like all of us. 

I cried when I heard about your loss, just as I cried for our loss. It is difficult to express the hurt you feel in your entire community. Those of us who have been through it understand, and we know it hurts real bad. I am so sorry you have to feel this pain. I wish you all will soon feel love and find the hope you need to move forward. Know there are those all across the world who hold you close to their hearts right now and are trying to send you their love. Be strong and love one another!

This poem by Rashani Rea means a lot to me; maybe it can offer some comfort to you:

i’m a simple gopi fallen to her knees,
singing endless praises
like the wind
sings through the trees.

filled now with wonderment
distilling into grace,
i find traces of you everywhere
through your ever-present face.

only the flower dies.
its fragrance still remains
and the moon is always full,
even as it wanes.

i know love does to pain
what sunlight does to rain,
in the absence of doership
we’re reminded once again

that inherent in each cloud
is a rainbow not-yet-born,
the awakened state is present
even as we mourn.

so let the tears keep flowing
and trust whatever comes,
each moment is a banquet
of abundance, not of crumbs.

Your brothers and sisters the world over surround you with love in your time of loss.


Love never dies Newtown. It will always be with you, it will never leave. Those dear children and adults who were so abruptly taken will share that love in the place of wonderfull happiness, peace, and solace that they have all gone to. Never lose hope, never lose love. Our love is our humanity. Without it we are nothing. With it, we are everything . You will prevail Newtown.